Bruno Pischiutta - Chairman of the Board, Film Director

Bruno Pischiutta is an entrepreneur who has successfully founded and run several film production companies in Italy, in Canada and in the United States.


In film, Bruno Pischiutta is an internationally celebrated and awarded writer, director and producer whose career spans more than five decades. He is especially noted for his socially and existentially oriented feature films. He is also known for his lifelong commitment to fostering the art of filmmaking.


Throughout his long career in the  professional movie industry, Bruno wrote, directed, produced, executive produced and edited feature films, TV shows and documentaries that have been widely screened in cinemas and broadcast throughout Italy, Canada, USA and other countries. Bruno Pischiutta is also a published writer and he received several international awards.


His latest feature film PUNCTURED  HOPE: A STORY ABOUT TROKOSI AND THE YOUNG GIRLS' SLAVERY IN TODAY'S WEST AFRICA, was screened in theaters in Los Angeles for three months during the 2009 Oscars season and was subsequently qualified for nomination consideration at the Academy Awards®. The film was also an Official Selection at the One World Film Festival in Montreal. Bruno Pischiutta was was proposed for nominated by The Political Film Society (Hollywood) alongside James Cameron, Clint Eastwood and Quentin Tarantino for his direction of the  feature film PUNCTURED HOPE in two categories: 'Best Film Expose' and 'Best Film on Human Rights'. 


In 2003, at the Bahamas One World Film Festival, Bruno Pischiutta received the 'The Visionary in Film Award' for his outstanding direction of the feature film MAYBE.


In 1987, Bruno Pischiutta wrote,  directed, cast, produced and executive produced the feature film LIFE'S  CHARADE. The film addresses the phenomenon of teenage suicide. That  year, at the New York International Film and Television Festival, Bruno  Pischiutta received the 'Finalist Award'. The film qualified between the first five that were selected among 5,600 entries.


In 1980 Bruno made his first international production, the feature film entitled THE COMOEDIA. The English version of the picture was later released by Tribeca Film Institute's Reframe Collection and it is now available on Amazon.


In 1981, at the New York International  Film and Television Festival, Bruno Pischiutta received the 'Bronze Medal' for directing THE COMOEDIA - selected between 3,800 entries.


In 1975 he was awarded the Premio  Simpatia. As of 1976, Bruno Pischiutta, Franco Zeffirelli and Federico Fellini were the only directors to achieve this distinction.

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"I welcome people to check my personal website, keep-up with my work and get in touch." - Bruno Pischiutta

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Daria Trifu - President and C.E.O., Executive Producer

Daria Trifu was born in Brasov, Romania and she emigrated to Canada in 1999 with her family. In Europe she studied fine arts and she held private exhibitions of her paintings since the early age of 15. Her artwork was commissioned by prestige hotels in the mountain resort of Poiana Brasov.

In her youth, Daria excelled in sports such as tennis and ski and she won numerous competitions; she traveled the world both with her family and on her own as a performer in a national choir that was attending international festivals.

Long before she emigrated to Canada, she had her eyes set on a career in the film industry. In 2001, in Toronto, she went-on to graduate from the International Film Workshops taught by Bruno Pischiutta.

Trifu was subsequently hired by Pischiutta's production company, Toronto Pictures Inc. She organized the company's marketing campaigns and its participation to film festivals and events such as the Cannes Film Festival, the AFM and the One World Film Festival in Montreal.

In 2003 she was a speaker on the "Peacefulfish & Variety Presents Global Film Finance" panel in Cannes alongside Barry Poltermann, Claude  Fenioux, Jonathan Bing, Christopher R. Auty and Cassian Elwes.

By 2004, she had opened her own production company, Adhara Properties Inc., and she launched her own magazine, Daria!

With Adhara Properties, she financed and produced the $5.8 million feature film PUNCTURED HOPE. The film was a critically acclaimed success. The Political Film Society (Hollywood) proposed the film for nomination in two categories: Best Film Expose and Best Film on Human Rights the same year when other films nominated were "Avatar"  (2009), "Invictus" (2009) and "Inglourious Basterds" (2009). PUNCTURED HOPE was qualified for nomination consideration at the Academy Awards® and it screened in theaters in Los Angeles for three consecutive months during the 2009 awards season. The film was also an Official Selection at the One World Film Festival in Montreal.

Her magazine, Daria!, has proven to last the test of time: published for the first time in 2005, it celebrated its 10th year anniversary in 2015 with a Special Issue dedicated to Global Nonviolent Film Festival (previously known as the Brasov International Film Festival & Market).

Global Nonviolent Film Festival was created by Bruno Pischiutta and Daria Trifu in 2012 in order to showcase the best of international nonviolent film. Trifu is the Festival's Director.

Daria Trifu's film credits include: Assistant Director of the feature film MAYBE that was an Official Selection at the Bahamas One World Film Festival and received The Visionary In Film Award for Director Bruno Pischiutta; Producer and Executive Producer of the documentary BRUNO PISCHIUTTA, FILM DIRECTOR, Executive Producer of the English version of the feature film THE COMOEDIA; Producer and Executive Producer of the feature film PUNCTURED HOPE, Executive Producer of the feature documentary BRASOV, PROBABLY THE BEST CITY IN THE WORLD and Producer of the documentary BRASOV INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL & MARKET 2013.

In addition to her position at Global Film Studio, Daria Trifu is also the President & C.E.O. of Adhara Properties Inc. and the Vice President of Toronto Pictures Inc. She is the Editor-in-Chief of Daria! magazine.

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Elio Dell'Unto - Member of the Board, Film Producer

Elio Dell'Unto is working in the film industry from over 30 years and he is working with Bruno Pischiutta since 1991. He traveled extensively to countries such as Canada, the USA, Japan, Ghana, Romania, Italy and Greece. Dell'Unto served as the President of the Jury of Global Nonviolent Film Festival in 2016. He attended the Hong Kong Film Market and the One World Film Festival & Market in Montreal. 


Elio Dell'Unto has worked on many film sets as Production Manager, Assistant Producer and Assistant Director. Today, he is a producer for Global Film Studio's films and he is a Member of the Board of Directors. 

Advisory Board


Dumitru Preda PhD (n. 1951), MP, University Professor

Former  Plenipotentiary Romanian Ambassador to Cuba and one of Romania’s most  renown historians Dr. Dumitru Preda, PhD, is a Minister-Counsellor, Director of the DOR-MAE; former Deputy Permanent Delegate of Romania to UNESCO (Paris) from 2002; Chargé d’Affaires a.i. in 2004 and 2006 and, since November 2011, he serves as the Romanian Ambassador to Cuba. His  work in Cuba is highly regarded as the one that will help to expand  cultural, economical and medical relations and collaborations between  the two countries in the coming years.


Considered  one of Romania’s most renown historians, he is the author of 50 volumes  and over 150 studies that have been published internationally. In 2002 he received the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Diploma of Merit for his “outstanding contribution to the diplomatic activities.


Fadi Karam, Vice President - Marketing, Strategy & Business Development at Nestlé

Fadi Karam serves as Vice President - Marketing, Strategy & Business Development at Nestlé. He oversees marketing (communication, media, consumer centers), strategy, consumer research, direct consumer acquisition (e-commerce), partnerships and analytics for Nestlé Waters North America.


Prior to that, Fadi served as General Manager of Nestlé’s operations in 2 countries where he led a team of 1000 employees and a business with USD 270 million in annual revenues. Previously, he held management positions at Procter & Gamble and Microsoft.


Fadi also serves as an Advisory Board Member for CMO Council and as an advisor and mentor at the Stanford StartX Accelerator. He is an active speaker at universities around the world on the topics of marketing and consumer behaviour.


Fadi holds a BE in Computer & Communication Engineering from Notre Dame University and an MS in Management from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. 


Jadean 'Blue Jay' Jourden

Maestro Jay Jourden is located in Atlanta, GA. He is heading the musical department of Global Film Studio and he is in charge of the composition and production of the musical scores for the company's films.


Jay “Blue Jay” Jourden is a world renowned producer and musical/vocal artist as well as an accomplished concert promoter/performer having worked on and help organize major concerts for The American Indian Movement AIM, Wounded Knee & The Longest Walk, The No Nukes Concert Series, Disaster Relief 96', The 40th Anniversary of Woodstock 1969-2009 “West Fest”, and many, many, more.


Jay is also Co-Founder of The World Freedom Project & Rock The Planet Tour, Advisor and Consultant to Earth Day Global, as well as a Board Member of Musicians & Artists For World Peace & other global activist organizations. Currently producing the International Music Video Project for “World Freedom Song (Together We Are One)” whereby musicians and artists from every country on the planet are being represented. He is organizing the music and arts world globally to create The International World Freedom Music & Arts Expo on six continents.