Global Film Studio is a media company focused on ventures that are socially conscious and nonviolent

Global Film Studio’s activities revolve around film production and distribution, talent management, film festival organisation, publishing and more. The Company operates under seven Divisions; each of them is primarily in charge of one activity.

Global Film Studio Inc. is a private company federally incorporated in Canada on August 5th, 2011. At the last Annual Assembly held on December 29, 2017 it was resolved that offers to purchase Common shares of the Company at US $23 per share may be considered.

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Global Film Studio has resolved to produce one major feature film and one TV Series of 13 half-hour shows in 2019/2020. The film will be shot in Greece and the TV Series will be shot in London (UK).


Talents have to speak English and come from countries that will allow them to travel to Greece and/or to the UK without visa requirements. 

Interviews and auditions will be conducted via Skype. 


The productions are non-union; the chosen talents will have a very good compensation and all their travel and lodging expenses will be paid by the production.


To apply, please send an e-mail to:

The application should contain the full legal name, the birth date, the height, the weight and some pictures of the talent. A CV may be attached. The application should also indicate the city, state and country the talent is located in. No experience is strictly necessary, beginners are welcome. There is no age limit. Minors should have parents’ approval.


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