Global Film Production

Global Film Production is the film and documentary production arm of the company. This Division finances and produces the company's own movies as well as movies commissioned from Adhara Properties Inc. and Toronto  Pictures Inc.


All the films and documentaries  produced by Global Film Production will meet the necessary requirements to qualify for nomination consideration at the Academy Awards. The films are commercially viable and they are released in all windows (cinema,  TV, DVD, VOD, institutional and Cable) and territories worldwide.


Global Film Studio’s commitment to social responsibilities has been a key  factor in choosing to invest in the production of nonviolent and socially conscious films and media enterprises. 

When Global Film Production produces a feature film, it also produces an accompanying feature documentary "The Making of ..." which is then  marketed and released as a separate product from the feature film.

Hereunder follows the Film Slate of Global Film Production which  comprises of films that are completed, in development, in pre-production and in post-production.


Global Film Studio has resolved to produce one major feature film and one TV Series of 13 half-hour shows in 2019/2020. The film will be shot in Greece and the TV Series will be shot in London (UK).


Talents have to speak English and come from countries that will allow them to travel to Greece and/or to the UK without visa requirements. 

Interviews and auditions will be conducted via Skype. 


The productions are non-union; the chosen talents will have a very good compensation and all their travel and lodging expenses will be paid by the production.


To apply, please send an e-mail to:

The application should contain the full legal name, the birth date, the height, the weight and some pictures of the talent. A CV may be attached. The application should also indicate the city, state and country the talent is located in. No experience is strictly necessary, beginners are welcome. There is no age limit. Minors should have parents’ approval.


PUNCTURED HOPE: A Story About Trokosi And The Young Girls' Slavery In Today's Africa - Feature Film

The story takes place in today’s Ghana (Africa). It is inspired by a young  girl called Edinam. She was a slave of Fetish Priests. Against all odds, Edinam escapes the shrine and continues her education. As the film follows Edinam’s life from the age of innocence to premature adulthood, the viewers get to see a beautiful showcase of the real and very animated African life in a typical village.

According to the customary practice in Ghana's Volta region, which has lasted some 300 years, if someone commits a serious crime or social infraction, traditional leaders order that a young girl from that family be sent to the shrine as a form of atonement. She is expected to serve the priests for many years, after which the family might redeem her. In this time, the chief priest and his entourage genitally mutilate and sexually abuse the girls. They consider them their own ‘property’. The abuse leads to numerous pregnancies and miscarriages of girls as young as 12 years old.

Edinam (Real Name: Belinda Siamey), the protagonist of the story, made history in Africa by playing herself in the principal role of this feature  film.

Awards & Nominations: Official Selection at the One World Film Festival - Montreal 2009; Nominated 'Best Film Expose' and 'Best Film on Human Rights' of 2009 by The Political Film Society (Hollywood)  alongside AVATAR, INVICTUS, INGLORIOUS BASTERDS and THE HURT LOCKER; Qualified for Nomination Consideration at the 2010 Academy Awards®.

Selected Scenes & Director Interview


This movie is the first English version of the Italian film, “THE COMOEDIA”, produced in 1980. It is based on the one-and-only adaptation of the  Divina Commedia by Dante Alighieri to our times. The film was meant to  be without words but only music. It was the first video music ever  produced. After the shooting was completed, due to distribution  concerns, Bruno Pischiutta wrote the dialogue in modern poetry.

The film was released in cinemas in Italy in 1981. The editing of the film was executed by Bruno Pischiutta  and Ruggero Mastroianni. Ruggero, Marcelo’s brother, was the greatest editor of his generation. He edited some of Italy’s masterpieces  directed by Federico Fellini and other Italian great directors.

Awards: The Bronze Medal (chosen between 3,800 films) at the prestigious New York International Film & TV Festival in 1982.

Selected Scenes

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“...?” “...MAYBE...” - Feature Film

For the first time, a feature film deals with the eating disorder bulimia. This film is the “American Graffiti” of the 90’s. Being twenty-something in the Nineties was the most difficult challenge of all. Personal relationships took on a variety of forms. There were no behavioral rules or sexual norms, and ‘maybe’ was the answer to every question.

Awards: The Visionary in Film Award at the Bahamas One World Film Festival


Selected Scenes


The  filming took 14 months. This is the most complete documentary film showcasing Brasov and what is has to offer. At the first public  screening, Bruno Pischiutta explained that the documentary was created  to target the American viewers and to be instrumental in bringing  thousands of American tourists to Brasov as well as terrific benefits in  terms of employment and financial advantages for the people of the cut.  The documentary will be distributed worldwide with subtitles in  different languages. 

World Premiere: Global Nonviolent Film Festival 2012, Opening Night

Romanian Premiere

Cuban Premiere


An assembly of selected scenes cut by Maestro Bruno Pischiutta from the most relevant films he made between 1980 and 2009.

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This is a half hour documentary showcasing the glamour and interviews with the attendees of the Global Nonviolent Film Festival in 2013 (previously known as the Brasov International Film Festival & Market), the most important and renowned nonviolent film festival in the world.

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DEAD LOVE - Short Film

Walking late at night in a nearby cemetery and pondering why his friends don't offer him any sense of camaraderie or real companionship, Jeff is startled by Kate who’s appearance is spontaneous. They begin to share the mutual pleasure and solace they find in the stillness of the old town graveyard. Little-by-little, she informs him that she is, in fact, a  ghost.


Behind the Scenes


In conflict with his American publisher who knows that his client will soon die and who demands that  he completes his autobiography first, the writer decides to spend his last few days in Venice instead. While there, the story follows the writer as his mind travels between dream and reality.

LAST ENCOUNTER IN VENICE (Ultimo incontro a Venezia) is a are true Author piece: it was written, directed, produced and edited by Maestro Bruno Pischiutta  who also stars in the lead role alongside Italian Actress Irma Olivero.

Selected Scenes

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Over 30 hours of footage was filmed for this program during the International Film Workshops taught by film Maestro Bruno Pischiutta in Brasov, Romania. 

Post editing, the result will be published as a DVD set and sold worldwide. The workshops showcase information, concepts and practical tips that are absolutely indispensable to every talent who starts a film acting, directing, producing or screenplay writing career and who wants to achieve an international level. 

FILMING AFRICA - Documentary

This documentary consists of behind the scene footage filmed during the  production of the feature film 'PUNCTURED HOPE' as well as exclusive interviews with locals who discuss the practice of TROKOSI (modern day slavery of women practiced in West Africa). This documentary underlines the intellectual differences between the two film production crews (one  American and the other African) that are working together in the making of the groundbreaking feature film 'PUNCTURED HOPE'.


THE BAD JOKE - Feature Film

THE  BAD JOKE is a dramatic feature film that illustrates the unhappy circumstances in which many European teenagers find themselves.

The foundation of the European Union has established parity between states with different economies and different average salaries.

Adults, in many cases parents, go to work abroad and leave their young children without any parental guidance at home.

At  a young age, the family represents a natural protection. The family crisis that is generated by the parents' departure contributes to the uncertainty and well being in the lives of the teenagers. 

THE BAD JOKE is a fruit of fiction, it is a new non graphic feature film  that portrays some situations in which many adolescents and teenagers live while they face the new challenges in today’s new European Union.

“The bad joke” is what the European Union has created for many teenagers. This phenomenon is unknown in America and it is not yet fully understood in Europe. This film, for the first time, exposes the unfortunate reality of tens of thousands of European teenagers.


Millions are using and abusing prescription antidepressant drugs such as Prozac, Zoloft etc., in order to cope with the pressures of life. Sometimes,  such drugs can become an essential element of everyday’s existence, but ... at what cost?


THE SEPIA PORTRAIT: A Tale about Today's China & the Missing Fossil of the Peking Man - Feature Film

This feature film will present to the Western world, for the first time, the reality of today’s Peoples Republic of China.

The plot develops through three love  stories that expand over the course of 50 years. Following the love  stories, the viewers come to know the reality of today’s Peoples  Republic of China seen through the eyes of a sweet, modern North  American girl. The three themes of the movie are the love stories, the  war and the mystery of the missing Peking Man fossil.

The message of the film is love and peace.

906 UNTITLED - Feature Film

Info coming soon.

CONFESSIONS - Feature Film

The story line of CONFESSIONS is entirely fictional and is based on an original screenplay written by Maestro Bruno Pischiutta. The film follows four stories (connected) of different women.


ABUSED IN AMERICA is a very important movie that will raise much needed attention on the horrible phenomenon of the child abuse in the United States. This film gives a voice to thousands of children in the USA who are abused and who end-up on the street only to fall victim to prostitution and drug abuse.

500 UNTITLED - TV Drama Series

This is a TV series of 13, half-hour shows organised to run for several seasons. 

WISTERIA - Feature Film

The story evolves around an elite, all-female college with girls of every age, where a prostitution ring is established. The film depicts certain effects of the sex trafficking of young girls and children in Eastern Europe.

SUICIDE - Feature Film

In  the glamorous environment of a photo agency, we discover that many of the beautiful people have serious and deep personal problems. An  anonymous suicide note is found on the floor: now, suicide is present and it moves and it breaths between the cameras and in between the lights of the studio. In the end, there is the surprise, the twist. It is in the end when we get the real meaning of the movie, a movie about suicide and its motivations.